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Public Liability Insurance

Check if this DJ has current & valid Public Liability Insurance with The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs

What is Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and why is it important for a Disc Jockey (DJ) to have this?

Public liability is also known as third party or personal liability.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) protects the Disc Jockey (DJ) against third party claims for accidental injury or damage to property while carrying out his/ her occupation as a mobile DJ - so, for example, in the event that a speaker or light that the disco company has set up accidentally falls onto a guest or a member of staff and causes injury or damage - that person could claim against the DJ for compensation.

With the introduction of the Public Entertainment Licence Act (PELA), many venues are increasingly insisting that any 3rd party contractors (such as DJs) who work at their premises have their own liability cover. The venue wants to see evidence of the DJ's Public Liability Insurance (PLI) before allowing him/ her to enter the building and set up.

If the DJ causes damage to property or if the DJ's equipment accidentally injures a guest or member of staff, the DJ could be liable. PLI covers the DJ for these eventualities.

It gives clients confidence in the DJ and promotes him/ her as a professional, taking the DJ's mobile disco business seriously. It also gives peace of mind, not only to the DJ, but also to the venue and the clients.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) covers the DJ's legal liability to pay compensation in respect of accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to Third Party Persons or Property. Guests or venue staff could make a claim against the DJ if they incur an accidental injury. A venue could make a claim against the DJ if he/ she has caused any damage to their property.

Having Public Liability Insurance (PLI) may also help the DJ to gain access to venues where he/ she might not otherwise be permitted to perform in without it.

Local authority venues often require DJs to have £5 million liability cover.

Ocean Sound Entertainment Services has £10 million liability cover.

You can verify our Public Liability Insurance (PLI) Cover by clicking on the button below, and you may also direct the venue to our website to view the same.


Check if this DJ has current & valid Public Liability Insurance with The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs